Monday, 22 August 2011


Except that is for keeping the ferry waiting.

I had booked online. It was late at night, so when I saw that there was no option for a van - only cars and motorhomes - I thought, "Och it'll be all right to put it down as a motorhome (as you do when you're from Lewis).

As I was about to drive onto the ferry I heard the cry "hoi - that's not a motorhome!"

I tried to explain that there was no option on the website for a van. So I just clicked the nearest thing, which of course was motorhome (same size, OK, a bit smaller). I was then told that if I had a van I should have phoned.

Now, how logical is it to offer online booking to people in this day and age and expect them to know that you have to phone as well?

How logical is it to have to phone and use a website anyway?

I was told that I was driving a "commercial vehicle."

I was eager to get onto the ferry, so I just obeyed instructions and payed the extra on my ticket (from £60 to over £100 - I didn't want to run the risk of not getting on). I had to run back and fore between the car park and the office a couple of times while the ferry patiently waited for me.

Afterwards, upon reflection, I realized that even though my vehicle is a commercial kind of vehicle, I was not using it commercially - I was using it to carry my own private goods.

I'm going to have to get onto them about this - I think I should get a refund.

The boat arrived in Stornoway at about 2.30 am.

Later, as the day went by I met people I know. We would converse about general things, and then inevitably (my fault), the conversation would turn to the gospel.

I bumped into an old schoolmate who is now an accountant and a professed atheist. We said hello and exchanged the usual pleasantries before the conversation turned to the things of God (we meet briefly like this on a Stornoway street once every few years and the conversation always follows the same format). He told me that there is no evidence for the existence of God. I told him that I think what he really means is "proof", and though there may be no external proof of the reality of God, there is a superabundance of evidence. That every human being is the greatest evidence of the reality of God.

"Evidence of evolution you mean!"

I said to him, "look at these traffic lights. A very basic and simple design indeed. Yet you and I know perfectly well that they have been designed by someone. Can you honestly then look at a human being and behold the utter complexity of design and say it is evidence of evolution?"

Remembering that evolutionists preach that there is no intelligent design, that in fact there is no intelligence, supreme or otherwise involved in the creation of anything, living or not.

Strange, I thought the words "natural selection" meant decision making. That to "select" is the making of a choice - a decision, and decision making requires intelligence.

Hence: supreme being in control.

I told him I would argue that atheists are not so much people that don't believe, but more people who are determined not to believe and therefore make the conscious decision that they WILL NOT BELIEVE.

I would define atheism as: prejudice in its purest form.

We parted with our usual warm handshake.

I met another old school pal who was quite pleasant, friendly and even showed sorrow for my recent bereavement; but as soon as I mentioned the words, 'ah well, it's like the old saying: "those were the days." But y'know, there're better days to come...', he actually growled with rage - like a wild animal because he knew what subject I was beginning to touch on. I said to him, "do you not like preaching?"

He changed colour with rage, said, "no I don't!" and stalked off. End of conversation.

Challenges, they are good for us - we need them, that's why we're here - to meet them - so we can reap the rewards.

There is no greater work than the gospel - there is no greater challenge - there is no greater reward.

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  1. I wonder if sometimes those who are most against, are those whose hearts have been most hurt; perhaps even by being given the word in their childhood/young life in a harsh, unloving, even hypocritical manner. Hearts yearning for the truth, feeling betrayed have become bitter, angry. So, when we come along, it's like a minefield. Just a thought.