Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I enjoy going to the swimming pool here in Stornoway. Part of the pool is normally sectioned off for those who wish to just swim back and fore so that kids and the like don't get in their way. The pool attendants then place a sign at the end of the pool with directional arrows on it and the words 'swim clockwise'.

This may seem like a very innocuous and even useful rule. But it isn't. This is why.

If everyone following this instruction swims at the same speed then that's OK. But what if (like me and others) some wish to swim at a faster speed? If I am alone in this part of the pool it's OK, but as soon as anyone starts following this instruction things start to go wrong. Try to imagine one man obediently swimming round and round the pool and a faster swimmer doing lengths or even swimming clockwise like the other. To put it simply: it doesn't work - you unavoidably get in each other's way.

The answer is to simply not have the silly rule in the first place - people would just naturally sort themselves into lanes and avoid each other - problem solved.

Why am I saying this? Because the principle is exactly the same with regard to ordination of ministers. There is an un-biblical rule held to which is nothing but a barrier to many good and able men. This rule is based on a lie. This is the lie:

'God only wants those who have attained to a high level of academic education to be ministers.'

All I am trying to do is expose the lie, and then, we can all agree to drop the silly rule - problem solved.

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