Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Recently, I met someone who described to me an experience he'd had with the law here in Stornoway.
He was doing contract work for the largest employer in the Outer Hebrides and was having trouble getting his money, so he phoned them. In the course of the call he lost his cool and called the man a f****** b******. The police were contacted and my friend was charged and fined £450 for breach of the peace.

Now, this is an easy one. We don't have to be Einstein to see how wrong this is - charged with breach of the peace for swearing down the phone? Do me a favour! Not that I'm condoning swearing or anything - but would you call the police because someone swore at you during an argument?

The person who reported him is not the only one at fault, so too is the justice of the peace that fined him - who should have just said, "ma chrech sa chanich (Gaelic) - off you go, and don't be swearing down the phone at any more petty minded people."

The blame for this kind of thing really lies with our silly legislators who have long since deemed the hurting of someone's feelings to be the cardinal sin.

Makes you wish you were a judge sometimes.

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