Thursday, 18 October 2012


At face value I would say that with independence it looks like we would have fewer options/opportunities.  We cannot look into the future but we can look at the past. Ever since the UK teamed up, generally and comparatively speaking we've gone from strength to strength. For the UK as a whole it has been a most successful formula.
We've all heard of the old and true saying: 'Divide and conquer.' If you want to defeat your enemy, split his forces. Any student of warfare will tell you that. The driving of a wedge through the enemy ranks has always been a most effective battle tactic because it divides a large force into smaller, weaker, groups. Together they are stronger.
The UK is a community, cities are communities as are towns and villages.  If you go right down to the the most basic situation where people are truly inter-dependent through necessity, the way it was here in Lewis and in many other places at the turn of the 19/20 century when there was no such thing as a locked door. People were dirt poor and shared everything. Meagre possessions were used and shared. They had to be.  It was the habit of entire villages to come together and help in work which was required to be done for their very survival.
This was their strength.
Today we have a different approach. Today, in the developed world we have prosperity. We have wealth and comforts in abundance. We want more. Take, take, take. Selfishness is the thing: me and mine. Who cares about the rest.
This is our weakness.
I would argue that this ill-thought-out drive for independence is from the same bucket. Sheer selfishness. There seems to be an almost blind panic about being 'ripped off by the English' (even though there's no evidence for it). This has in turn caused in the minds of some a deep distrust of 'the English' as if they've been meeting in smoke-filled rooms behind closed doors and plotting against us. Actually, it's insane. The word for it is paranoia.
Scottish National Paranoia.
Finally, I would argue that it is un-Christian. To place no real value in material possessions and worldly comforts is something which comes part and partial with Christian doctrine. To have a spirit of happily sharing wealth is actually a Biblical requisite. A requisite which happens to create greater wealth collectively and therefore individually too. Whether we like it or not Great Britain/the United Kingdom was built on Christianity. Historically, all the most developed countries in the world were. The pooling of our wealth and abilities has carried the UK to great success. To look upon the country that we live in as 'belonging to God' and not ourselves is the Biblical way. God will prosper us only if we follow his direction. Selfishness is not his way.
This kind of nationalism is selfishness.
Our economic woes have been caused by depending on our own 'wisdom' and despising God's. Getting into massive debt just to satisfy our greedy and impatient desires has caused the problem. Never mind pointing the finger at bankers - perhaps you should point it at yourself too.
So some imagine that pulling Scotland out of the United Kingdom will solve the problem?
How wrong they are.

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